Who is educating our kids?

Parents too busy

If not parents, then who?

If not schools, then who

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Education in America

Education or Re-education?
I was tempted to call this the Re-education of America, but in order to be re-educated, one would have to be educated in the first place. Unfortunately, this is does not seem to be happening in our country right now.

Under-educated voting.
It wasn't until the last election did I realize how under-educated the American people really have become. I believe that if most people had any idea of what they were voting for in the past 2 presidential elections, it would have been landslides in the other direction even with a weak candidate like John McCain. Unfortunately, many, many people are swept up in party politics, entertainment, or smooth orator skills and don't seem to pay any attention to what these people running for office intend to do once the American voters give them that power.

Who is educating our kids?
Americans are under-educated and are voting for people who want to destroy the Constitution and this country and don't even know it. I think that if these candidates were actually to plainly say what they actually do after being given this power, most ethically minded Americans would be appalled at themselves for having voted for such evils. If you are educated in what you are voting for, then I encourage you to vote knowing what you are voting for even if I disagree with it. However, I believe that far too many people are voting who have no business voting because they don't have the foggiest clue as to what they are voting for. Hence, I see the education of America to be critical to the survival of this country. I used to love the old USA enough to do my part to try and return this country to greatness by doing my part to educate people. I do not believe that most parents, schools, and media are actually educating our children informing them about history and basic economics (including budgets, taxes, and debt).


Parents are too busy
Most parents are too busy it seems to educate their children. Both Dad and Mom are working full time in most cases. When they are with their kids, far too many are shuffling them back and forth to sporting events (soccer, swimming, etc). Many view their children's activity in sports to be more important than spending time with their family or learning. When they are not doing sports, many are watching tv or playing video games. Unfortunately, many parents actually do homework for their kids because their kids are too busy. Kids know how work the latest in cell phones, they know who is the latest greatest rapper or pop singer, but do they have a clue about who the VP is or what the first line of the Constitution is?


If not parents, then who?
As a result of the above activity, parents seem to have very little to do with educating their children. Who then is educating them? Most receive their limited education from the dismal public school system and their peers. It is unarguable that our public school system is a near complete disaster compared to most of the advanced countries in the world. The teachers are largley not to blame for this, but rather the school administrations and our legal system. The administrators almost always only get in the way of the teacher educating the child and the legal system has completely destroyed any discipline that was once in our schools. Many teachers try their best and are really underpaid, but I have seen many who just want the students to "have fun" and collect a paycheck. I have seen this first hand in a relatively rich school district so I can only imagine what it is like in the average district. Money is not the answer to this problem. But, I digress. The fact is that our students are getting dispersed into the real world with almost no clue about basic economics, little morality, little knowledge of history, and almost nil understanding of politics and political issues other than the ones that the National American Media deems important at the moment.


If not schools, then who?
When they actually come out of school and are able to vote, where do they get their information on who to vote for. Sadly, most do not take the time to actually study who they are voting for and what they stand for. I am convinced that there is a large percentage (maybe approaching a majority) who vote because of peer pressure. They vote that way because all of their friends are voting that way. They vote that way because it is considered "cool" to vote for him or her. They vote that way because the union tells them to vote that way. People are basically fat dumb and happy and believe that whomever they vote for, things will continue to be the same, so why not vote for a Santa Clause who has unlimited funds to give anything away. A simple lesson in economics teaches one that you cannot keep spending more than you take in - it will catch up with you and when it does, there is going to be trouble. It works on a individual scale as well as a national/planetary scale. People don't notice the individual scale because people just file for bankruptcy and others are forced to pay for their bad choices. When it hits on a national scale and you have nobody left to bail you out (like the European union), then it will not only be trouble, it is going to be a calamity.


The National American Media objective.
Those who actually try to become aware to decide who to vote for turn to the National American Media or the main stream media (the big networks, the NY times and their other paper cronies who come to your paper via AP stories, CNN, MSNBC, etc.). It is obvious to anyone who pays an iota of attention that the National American Media is overwhelmingly biased to the left. Almost all stories are filtered through liberal colored glasses. Stories that would make liberals look good or make conservatives look bad are showcased and blazed across the newspaper headlines. Just think of how many negative stories have been printed about George Bush vs. the negative stories about Obama. The press gush over Obama, but hated Bush. Stories that would make liberals look bad are either buried or unreported altogether. What is being fed to the public via the National American Media is the liberal propaganda of those who run the media... which is a relatively small number of people. People are being completely duped by a continuous onslaught of editorials rather than news nowadays. They, like sheep, are falling into step right behind the National Media as if taking marching orders from those relatively few who decide what you should know about and what you should think about the things that they decided you should know about. People no longer think critically (not looking for negatives, but rather examining what you are being told and seeing if it holds water) or think for themselves. They just gulp down what the National Media is feeding them. My goal is to turn that around with whatever sphere of influence that I have. Awake out of your slumber before it is too late - if it isn't too late already.

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