A series of articles exploring teachings from the Good News as reavealed by God in His Word to us.

Recommended Churches

Where one goes to hear the Gospel is a critical decision. You want to go somewhere where you will hear the Truth, the whole Truth (the good news and the bad news), be fed (spiritually), and serve. You want to be able to be confident that your offerings to God are going to be used wisely and for the furtherment of His Kingdom.

Are all churches created equal?
Obviously not. Some hold to the Bible as the highest authority, others hold to the Bible and tradition, others seem to hold to tradition only, and still others seem to hold to humanism. I am certainly not an authority on denominations or specific churches. I am hesitant to not recommend a church in a certain denomination because the churches vary so widely within a denomination in their faithfulness to the teachings of the Bible. However, I have spent considerable time learning about many of them during my search for a home church. Some denominations are generally more faithful to what God teaches in His Word than others. In the paragraphs below, I share what I have learned from my experience, have some cautious recommendations, and suggest things to look for when considering a church.

Some rough guidelines on denominations that I avoided.
When I decided to leave the Catholic Church, I really didn't know where to go as I was led to the Truth of God's Word through a radio ministry which is a world wide ministry that is not affiliated with any church. So, I needed to do some research because I did not have the time nor the desire to visit every church in my area and then pick the one that I thought was most faithful to the Bible. Here is a summary of what I found:

I would would likely avoid becoming a member of the churches listed above as many have core published beliefs and/or practices that are in open contradiction of what is found in the Bible. At least for now, there are many other churches out there that are more faithful to the Bible than these. The reader may see his/her church listed above and take offence. Your church may be very faithful to the Bible as many of these churches have a wide variety of churches within the denomination. Some are probably very faithful to the Bible and some are probably not. Each individual church would have to be evaluated for their faithfulness. Some hints on how to evaluate a church can be found in the last paragraph below. What I have presented above is a relatively broad guideline that I used to try and narrow my search for a new church.

Some rough guidelines on denominations that may be marginal.
Churches that I know less about and may be more inclined to be faithful to the Bible are found below.

Some rough guidelines on denominations that may be recommended. Just as I was hesitant to not recommend a denominational church, I am hesitant to recommend denominational churches because the churches within denominations vary so widely in their faithfulness to the teachings of the Bible. With that cautionary note said, my research did show that there are a few denominations that seem generally more faithful than others... at least at the time I did my research (almost 20 years ago).

What to look for.
The following are things that I suggest to look at when examining a church to determine if it is reasonably faithful to what the Bible teaches.

I don't take recommendations (and, at the same time, making non-recommendations) lightly. It is not my intention to offend any church, but rather to share what I have learned and help guide the reader toward a Bible based church if they do not know where to even start as I did not.

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