Why abortion is my business

Examples from the animal kindgom

A private matter?



News and views that Americans should think about but are not reported on or discussed by the American mainstream media.

A simple view of what is wrong with abortion.

Birth is a simple change in residency.
Abortion used to be considered murder and illegal in a more civilized era of our country. It should still be considered illegal and murder. Let us consider a simple illustration to show this. If a boy lives in New York and moves to Texas, does the boy stop being a boy? No. Has he changed his residency? Yes. Was he a boy before he moved to Texas (while still in New York)? Yes. If he delayed moving to Texas by 5 months would he still be a boy? Yes. Did he grow and mature before and after he moved to Texas? Yes. He was and continues to be a growing boy who will grow to be a young man someday - he has simply changed his physical location. If you boil it down to basics, a baby simply changes residency when it is born. I know it is more complicated than that, but if left alone (left to how nature would work), the baby would simply change residency when born (or at least the vast majority of the time). Was the baby a baby before birth? Yes. After birth? Yes. When was the baby never a baby? The only answer is that he/she was a baby at conception and before this, he/she did not exist. If he/she was always a baby since existence, then is aborting it murder? Yes. And if murder, should it not be illegal? If murder, then shouldn't God's judgment come upon those who say it is legal and right?

Why abortion is my business?
I prefer to have His blessing rather than judgment on our country, so I typically vote for those who would bring blessing rather than judgment and judgment will come on this country if we allow such abominations as legal murder to take place at will. I know that some of you will say that we have had legal abortion since the 1970's - where is the judgment then? God is a patient God and long suffering... just read about OT Israel. However, there is a limit to even His patience and someday we will reach it if we continue on this path. He has demonstrated this again and again in the OT, but especially in the book of Judges where Israel continues in a pattern of His judgment, Israel's repentance, God's restoration, Israel's falling away, and then God's judgment over and over again.


Think of the animals.
Many on the side of unlimited abortion admire the behavior of such so much. I agree that there is nothing wrong with their behavior. Is there any such thing as abortion among them? Obviously not. Most people would typically feel a tragedy happens if something like a loss of a baby animal did happen, and rightly so as any life is precious and should not be wasted. Abortion is a relatively modern invention that I fear has become a modern "convenience". A baby is inconvenient, so let us put it away from us so let us pretend it is not alive and never existed, therefore, we can keep our eyes closed to the fact that it is murder.


Is it a private matter of women's rights?
If it were a matter of only the woman, then I would say that she has the right and option to do whatever she wants (and most of the time, if she wants something bad enough, she can). If she wanted to cut off her finger, she can. If she wanted to kill herself, she could. It stops being private when another person is involved. That person being the baby - beating heart and all. In what other area of society does privacy trump harming another person? None. If a woman knowingly has aides and has sexual relations with an unsuspecting man, is it a private matter for her? Most states consider this a criminal action - even though it is her private body. Using the argument that abortion advocates use, then she should not have to disclose to her partner anything about having aides because it is a private matter of what happens within her own body. What hypocrisy!


It is continuously pointed out that overpopulation will become a problem if we eliminate abortion. What problems would "overpopulation" create? God obviously wasn't worried about it:
Gen 1:27 God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.
Gen 1:28 God blessed them; and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth."
The most popular argument is that the world would starve to death. Just look at your fellow Americans. Do they look like they are starving? We keep hearing how we are getting more and more obese. I read an article shortly after the new year where they reported that in 2012, the world had it's most prosperous year ever - world hunger is declining even though the population continues to grow. Why? We have been given technology from God that has allowed us to produce food far more efficiently than anytime in the past by several times over. Think of where there are food shortages... what comes to mind? North Korea, some nations in Africa that suffer under dictators... what do these have in common? They are ruled by ruthless dictators who use food (or the lack of it) to try and control their people. Hunger in the world has nothing to do with so called overpopulation.


Some will accuse me of hate. Do I hate women who get abortions? No. It's that same old brainless argument that anyone who disagrees with you is full of hate... even though there is no hate, only an examination of the facts, THINKING about them, and then forming an opinion. Saying that someone that disagrees "hates" just because they disagree is such a non-argument that when I hear it, I assume that the person accusing people of hate has no argument on which to stand upon and more likely are pathetically parroting what someone told them to say. Very few people that I have run into in the world actually hate other people. I think that women choose abortion are foolish and are contributing to the cheapening of life in this country, but it would be a mistake to say that I hate them. Unfortunately these women (and the consolers/doctors/others involved) will help to eventually invite the wrath of God's on this nation - and that is where it becomes your business and my business.


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