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Is religion man's invention?

Controlling religions.
Surely there are a lot of man-made religions that try and control people. Islam is an extreme example of this. However, should we lump every religion into this category? Are all religions the same? Does modern Evangelical Christianity try to control people? The message of the Gospel (as found in the Bible) is not about control, but rather, it is about freedom.

Who actually tries to control people in the United States nowadays?
Do Christians want to ban you from cutting down trees? No. Is it Christians who want to prevent you from eating trans-fats? No. Do they want you to stop driving your car? No. Do they want to force you to use a certain light bulb? No. Do they force you to wear a seat belt? Do they tell you what size cola you can order? Do they tell you that you cannot own a gun when the constitution clearly states otherwise? Do they want to force you to take a manger scene out of a park? Do they want to tell you which doctor you can go to and when? And on and on and on. Who is it who wants to control you? It is obvious that is largely the people who think that there is no God. Those who have their own beliefs and want to impose them on you. Those who believe in God trust Him for the cares of this world. I am not saying that they should abuse this world, any people, or themselves, but rather live responsibly. It is not my place to force my fellow man to accept my beliefs: can the same be said for those who want to force you to do some of the things listed above?

Why is there religion anyway?
Why would someone start a religion? If there were no innate knowledge of a Creator (even though you may say that you do not have such a knowledge, you are more likely suppressing that knowledge - why else would you fear death?), why would there be this seeking by a very large majority of humans throughout the ages? God, who created man, has placed His conscience in man's hearts whether man wants to admit it or not:

Rom 2:14 For when the Gentiles, which do not have the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, not having the law, are a law unto themselves:
Rom 2:15 Which show the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and [their] thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another;)

The truth is true Christians actually do not try and force their beliefs on anyone.
...They just witness to what they believe to be true and invite others to believe if they are called to. Christians may not accept the beliefs of everyone, but I don't think that anybody does that. It is universally true that one person does not believe the same as "everyone else" - otherwise, everyone would hold beliefs that are the exact same. The real concern and question should be how tolerant are you of the other beliefs out there? I would venture to say that true Christians are among the most tolerant people alive. They do not believe the same as most people, but they don't force others to believe as they do. Go back to my questions about control - do any of those come from Christians? The truth is that those who accuse Christians of trying to control people are in fact the very ones who hoist their beliefs on everyone else with their accompanying attempts to control and will not tolerate those who don't believe as they do. How do they do this? By passing laws such as those listed above or, more commonly, they denigrate Christians as being close minded when they are the ones who are "open minded" to every belief as long as it is NOT Christian.

The Christian's motivation in social issues.
I know that someone out there will immediately point to the issue of abortion and will ask the Christian where is the tolerance when it comes to this? No true Christian should ever attack or threaten violence to anyone who chooses this option at this time in our nation's history where it is legal. The Christian should abide by the law of the land. Christians believe that God has set up governmental authority (Ro13, Titus3:1, 1Pet2:13-17) - be it for the blessing on a country or be it for judgment on a country. The Christian will vote for those who want to abolish abortion (which should be considered murder) to bring God's blessing on this country rather than for those who promote abortion which will bring God's judgment. The Christian will be tolerant and obedient to what those who God sets up in authority over them (in all things lawful - that is, in all things but those which are sinful), but will certainly exercise their rights to try and change that authority. They can also exercise their legal right to protest as it is protected by the constitution. However, as long as abortion is still legal in this country, Christians will not participate in it, but are called to be tolerant of it.

Religion is not the threat to your freedom, out of control governments are.
And with the rate the National American Media is deceiving this country into voting for a nearly dictatorial president, it is the government that is clamping down on your freedoms from every direction.


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